Modular build does away with the lengthy construction times associated with conventional build and the quality issues of traditional build. You know what building you are going to get and when you are going to get it. Modular build can be permanent , semi permanent or temporary.

Quality of the products is high because they are assembled in factories and each of the production processes can be monitored and measured for performance

Building regulations are getting ever more stringent and sustainability is becoming an issue , modular build can accommodate these by using the latest materials and techniques. With good design and the use of sustainable materials the whole lifecycle of the building can be managed in a sustainable way.

The temporary nature of the build is an advantage in the the new structure that replaces the old will be more sustainable and efficient. The future is with modular build. Building built to last 50 years and then fully recycled at the end of there lifetime and replaced with a new modular building built to the latest standards and with the new materials and techniques Traditional build can have life cycles of hundreds of years, which means there is legacy buildings which are hard to heat and ventilate have issues with damp and humidity and structural issues. It would be far better to demolish these buildings and rebuild with modern materials and techniques.